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If it's not fun, it's not WISH CLUB!!


Feb 24 - Mar 13 /Japan Highlight Trip
Mar 31 - Apr 15 / Japan Highlight Trip
Apr 28 - May 06 / Japan Highlight Trip

WISH CLUB has been organising parties, barbeques, and other events aimed at creating a truly border free society since 1993. Three concepts have been at the core of every WISH CLUB event:

Everyone is equally welcome, regardless of age, gender, nationality or background.

With approachable and accommodating staff and regulars, it's hard NOT to get involved.

If it's not fun, it isn't a party!! WISH Club offers the best atmosphere conducive to having a great time.

Club events are an excellent opportunity to meet both old and new friends living around not only Tokyo, Shizuoka but also the travelers from various countries in a relaxed natural environment. Photographs taken at recent events can be seen in the Photos section, so see for yourself why WISH CLUB is No 1!


>>Shizuoka WISHCLUB House<<

35-2 Ishikawa, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City

Phone 090 8459 4608 (Mochan)
E-mail : mochan1966@gmail.com
Web http://wish-club.com